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PSA bringing the schools of Fencing to Altrincham

Fencing in schools

Fencing in schools is something that I have always done ever since I started my coaching career. Having the exposure of fencing in schools is so important for the sport, when taught in the right way.

When I came back from America in September 2022, I was in Two schools in Bowden, now we are in April 2023 and I am delivering fencing in 6 schools with a waiting list of schools for September 2023. With Breakfast clubs and after school clubs we have 100+ primary school age kids that are experiencing fencing in the Altrincham area during a week.

The aim is obviously to get as many to participate in club activities as possible to the club. School to Club movement is notoriously low. From the 100 plus I am teaching in schools, at present I will probably get around 10% turn around. I aim to increase this. There are a few things I have introduced to make coming to the club more appealing.

Many thanks to the schools that have got us started and have welcomed fencing.

Any schools that would like fencing included in their offer. Please dont hesitate to contact us.

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