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Level 2 at premier Sabre Academy

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Our level 2 program follows on from the completion of our level 1 program, or after assessment from the head coach if you are an existing fencer coming into the club.

Our level 2 program is a competitive program. We send fencers to competitions locally, nationally and internationally. Our classes prepare fencers for competition where they will gain experience and test the skills and methods they have been learning.

Overview of level 2

Class Type: Group and Individual

Frequency: Max 3 classes per week

Days and times:

Monday 7pm

Tuesday 7pm

Wednesday 7pm

Thursday 7pm

Saturday 11am

Duration: 1 hour per class

Equipment: Required (can be purchased from the club)

Individual lessons:

1 per month on Basic package Cost: £140.00

4 per month on Competitive package Cost: £230.00

In some cases, this is age dependant and even if you are in the Level 2 program you may still have to do the 6pm session.

To keep the quality of the coaching in each class at a high and for safety at the club we have small classes with a maximum of 14 students.

The classes run, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The weekday Level 2 classes start promptly at 7pm and end at 8pm and Saturday classes at 11am and finish at Noon.

Pick the 3 days a week you wish to attend. If you wish to change a day please inform me in advance so it opens spaces up for other people. Payment for the month must be made before you book your classes and lessons. If you want to pay a few months in advance to secure your classes and lessons space this can be arranged.

In addition to our classes. We have open sparring opportunities between 8pm-9pm on the evening you attend. This gives the fencers the option of staying after the class and practice the things we are doing in the classes, this is uncoached but the fencers are usually given scenarios or constraints to aid their learning. After 8pm is also the time for any lessons that have been booked, Lessons can also be booked on a Friday evening and Saturday.

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