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Individual lessons

Updated: Mar 11

Why have Individual lessons?

Warm up at World Championships

The teaching of Fencing has always been about the collaboration between Master and Student. The master imparting his knowledge to make the student the best they can and the Student learning the correct moves with technique and tactics to overcome an opponent,

Premier Sabre Academy Coaches shows the student how to develop his or her own approach and style. Coaches can help fencers discover what strengths they have and what techniques work best for them. The coach can also help the student pinpoint their weaknesses on the Piste and develop a strategy to counteract them. Having his or her own style is the mark of an independent and resilient fencer.

Fencers usually have 1-2 lessons per week. Regular individual lessons are an integral part of selectmen's and preparation for competition. Whether you are just starting out or competing regularly individual lessons are a must. Individual lessons are taken outside of normally class times.

Here are the pricing options for lessons.

Individual lessons are £30 for 20 minutes and can be bought anytime by anyone. No matter on the level.

Level 2 packages with lessons.

Basic Package one lesson per month included. £140

Competitive Package has four lessons per month. £230

Extra lessons.

Buy 10 lessons at the price of 9 for £270.

These lessons can be spread out so they last over a few months and can lessons be booked whenever is convenient. For example. You could have one per week for regular gains. Or 2 per week leading to a competition.

Lessons are taken outside of class time, in free time or during open bouting and booked online here.

Lesson Policy

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before allocated slot time. This is time is used for the fencer to warm up and get themselves ready for the lesson.

Individual Lessons can include any aspect of fencing including, fitness, footwork, video analysis, competition planning, technical and tactical work.


Please make any cancellations at least 12 hour before the lesson so the club can open up the time slot to other fencers.

No make up lesson will be give for late notice or no shows. The coaches time is valuable.

Updated: 11/03/2024

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