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Premier Sabre Academy is born

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

First Blog post For Premier Sabre Academy!! Apparently if I write blog posts it helps the google fairies do their magic. So I have to input 'Premier Sabre Academy', 'Altrincham', 'Fencing' and other things that will make our community grow as much as possible. Also in these posts I will shine light on the successes of our club and you can follow our journey over time.

Find out more about Stuart Marshall(me) the blog writer and Head coach of Premier Sabre Academy on a seperate blog post coming soon.

I set up Premier Sabre Academy in the Historic market town of Altrincham in September 2022, in beautiful Cheshire. There has always been the need for quality sabre fencing in the North West of England and what better place to do it! I wanted to set up a club down in the south west of Manchester area a few years ago because of the lack of fencing in that area and now that I am setting up a new fencing club from the very start again, I can really focus on the quality of coaching and introducing this wonderful Olympic sport to Altrincham and the surrounding areas.

We have our own fencing facility at Atlantic business centre, Atlantic Street, Broadheath, Altrincham. WA14 5NQ.

I have set up a fencing centre before, worked as a coach in USA at a fencing centre in San Jose, CA, been a national sabre coach for GB and this is the third time of me creating a fencing club. Each one better than the last. Premier Sabre Academy. With my 25 years of of learning and perfecting my trade as an athlete and Coach at all levels of the game. I have made tremendous effort in building 'my style' of fencing through learning from great influences in my life on Fencing, business and life.

There is so much I could talk about. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to start my fencing blog about the journey of Premier Sabre Academy and how we got to where we are. I have had to hold myself back on writing more. I can see this becoming a thing.

Look out for the next one. In the mean time heres a picture of some our youngsters getting ready to hit each other.



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